Additional options of the Chesterfield sofa

Here are the additional options of our Chesterfield sofas explained in detail:

Sofa bed

3-seater double chesterfield sofa bed

The sofa bed option includes a foldable wooden slatted base with a 7 cm thick polyurethane foam mattress, measuring 180 cm in length. The width of the mattress varies as the sofa changes as can be seen in the list below.

To mount the inner bed we will have to slightly increase the depth of the Chester field, which will increase from 85 cm for the standard Chester, to  90 cm deep for the Chesterfield sofa bed version.

Designed as a convenient solution for occasional use, our Chesterfield sofa bed features a mattress that, while not conforming to standard bed sizes, provides exceptional comfort for temporary sleeping arrangements.

Mattress size:

  • 3-seater sofa of 220 cm: useful mattress of 145 x 180 cm
  • 200 cm large 2-seater sofa and Dormeuse: 125 x 180 cm useful mattress
  • 165 cm 2-seater sofa: usable mattress 85 x 180 cm

(Total footprint bed length: 227 cm)

Pillow Filling

Our cushions feature a luxurious goose down wrap around a supportive polyurethane foam core

The standard padding included in the price consists of polyurethane foam covered with layers of synthetic wools. Additional options include 2 types of padding:

  1. Goose down filling and polyurethane foam core.
    This type of padding involves apolyurethane foam core wrapped in soft goose down. This allows the cushion to have a lived-in look from the first few sittings and a soft, sustained welcome.
  2. Filling only in goose down and roller.
    The filling consists exclusively of goose down mixed with roller (a kind of synthetic goose down).
    Again, the appearance of the cushion will be lived in from the first few sittings and with very soft reception, where, however, maintenance of the filling is needed by occasionally “bumping” the cushion.

Swarovski buttons (Upon request)

Swarovski Chesterfield button

Swarovski buttons will be applied in place of standard buttons (i.e., those covered with the usual sofa cover).

The perfect choice for customers seeking a sofa that stands out, or those with a passion for design.

Springing (Upon request)

Hand-tied biconical sofa spring support

Springing offers a distinctive type of suspension that replaces standard elastic straps.

It involves steel springs, each meticulously hand-tied onto jute straps. This processing was used decades ago when modern elastic belts did not yet exist.

Of course, those who are nostalgic and adore sofas “made the way it used to be,” hand-tied springing is a must.