Sofa Beds

True sofas by day, excellent beds by night. Choose your favorite sofa bed and customize it in colors and sizes.

Comfortable, Versatile, High-Quality Sofa Beds

VAMA sofa beds perfectly combine everyday practicality with supreme comfort, serving flawlessly both as a sofa and as a bed.

Among the sizes we offer, you can choose from double, French, and queen sofa beds. Our goal is to ensure that our sofa beds perfectly fit your space and lifestyle, offering customized solutions from single to queen sizes. On request, by customizing them to measure, we can also create single sofa beds, also known as chair beds, ideal for tight spaces.

The double sofa bed is one of the most popular and is available in the 3-seater version (Mattress size 140 x 190 cm). In the 2-seater sofa bed, we manage to include an extractable bed mechanism for a queen size.

Our sofa beds feature easy-to-use mechanisms, including fold-away and click-clack options, equipped with high-quality mattresses up to 18 cm thick for unmatched sleeping comfort. Whether you need a sofa bed for daily use or occasional guests, our designs ensure ease of use and restful sleep.

The mechanisms of our sofa beds can be:

  • fold-away (or flip over): electro-welded bed net with interwoven elastic straps under the seat, very easy to open. Mattress size from 12 to 18 cm depending on the sofa bed model.
  • click-clack (or book opening): bed net with wooden slats and a 15 cm thick mattress.

On request, some of our sofa beds can be equipped with a memory foam mattress to increase nighttime comfort, or with the practical “Easy mechanism” that allows the sofa bed to be moved using special wheels.

Browsing the category, you can choose from modern sofa beds (even without armrests) and classic ones with wooden finishes in a vintage style. Customize your sofa bed with a wide selection of premium Italian leathers and removable fabrics, tailoring each piece to your personal taste and decor.

Don’t miss out on our promotional offers for elegant sofa beds, combining artisanal quality with affordability. Check our selection for models ready for delivery at discounted prices. Our promotional models maintain the high standards of craftsmanship you expect from our factory, but at even more attractive prices.