Chesterfield Sofas

Why choose a VAMA Chesterfield?

Customize your Chesterfield sofa to your liking and discover the price.

VAMA Chesterfield sofas are new and made in our factory in Tuscany.

We are experts in the field and, since 1972, our upholstery factory has been producing English-style chesterfield sofas made by hand, respecting the characteristics of the old original English chesterfield sofas: solid wood frame, handmade quilted design, high quality leather. These features ensure stability and durability. We invite you to visit our production facility in Arezzo, Tuscany (Italy), to witness the craftsmanship and quality of our Chesterfield sofas firsthand. Each model can be customised by choosing from many upholstery materials: from full-grain leather to hand-aged leather, from real vintage leather to microfibre or velvet fabric. Furthermore, if the standard measurements do not suit you, we can make Chester sofas to measure to the centimetre. Discover your perfect Chesterfield sofa: select any model to personalize it and get an instant price based on your leather preferences.

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