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Patchwork Armchair

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Colorful armchair made of high-quality handcrafted genuine leather.

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What is a Patchwork Chair

Patchwork armchairs were conceived in the past to recycle the various leftover upholstery items found every day in sofa and upholstered armchair production workshops.

Patchwork armchair measurements

Width Depth Height
82 cm 76 cm 78 cm

An armchair made by recycling leftover upholstery does not mean that the upholstery is of inferior quality, far from it. The labor to sew the various colored pieces increases exponentially, as does the quality of the whole upholstery, this is because we have to carefully select every single scrap of leather, which must have the standard of our products.

High quality leather patchwork armchair
Colorful armchairs are perfect for those who want to brighten up their room. With their vintage and unique style, these patchwork armchairs are also ideal for stores that curate and study the decor of their environment, such as clothing or shoe stores.

Colorful backrest patchwork leather armchair

Our patchwork armchair is a fully upholstered model, and like all leather armchairs from our production, they have a solid wood inner frame to last over time while easily maintaining aesthetics and comfort.

We can also make the patchwork sofa without any problem, and if you need a particular size you can safely contact us to receive a customized quote for you.

Behind leather patchwork armchair

These multicolored armchairs can also be made in fabric, but since these armchairs are not removable covers, we always recommend opting for leather upholstery, so that you have a high-quality handcrafted model to exploit without fear of soiling the upholstery.

Buy a colorful armchair or patchwork sofa online by relying on the hands and imagination of our artisans, who will use the colors available at the time.

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