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Cleaning and skin protection kit

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Kit for care and maintenance of genuine leather sofas and armchairs.

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Our Leather Cleaning and Protection Kit is specially formulated to provide a complete solution for the care and maintenance of your valuable leather sofas and armchairs. Made entirely in Italy, this kit contains two specific products to ensure gentle cleaning and long-lasting protection of leather upholstery.

Kit Contents.

  1. Leather Soft Cleaner (Cleaner) – 100 ml
  2. Leather Protection Cream – 100 ml
  3. Brochure with detailed instructions for use
  4. Sponge and cloth for application

Professional Maintenance for Leather Upholstery: Cleaner and Protective Cream

Product features

Leather Soft Cleaner (Cleaner) – 100 ml: This water-based cleaner is designed to effectively and safely remove stains and dirt associated with daily use of leather, without damaging or altering its natural characteristics. It is suitable for cleaning a wide range of leathers, keeping them in top condition at all times.

Leather Protection Cream – 100 ml: A nourishing and protective cream, ideal for preserving and maintaining the beauty of leather upholstery. This cream provides effective protection against everyday stains and dirt, as well as providing deep hydration that helps keep skin soft and supple, preventing cracking and deterioration.

For best results, we recommend regular maintenance of leather upholstery every 4-6 months to keep it clean and moisturised, preventing the accumulation of dirt and fatty acids from body perspiration.

Additional option: INK AWAY

Cleaning and Protection Kit: Keep Your Leather Furniture Always in Perfect ConditionTo remove stains and pen, ink and lipstick marks present on smooth skin, the customer can requestINK AWAY as an additional product. Please note that this product is not suitable for use on nubuck leather or suede.

With our Leather Cleaning and Protection Kit, you can ensure that your leather sofas and armchairs are always cleaned, protected and cared for in the best possible way, maintaining their beauty and elegance over time.