Upholstered headboards

Do you have a bed without a headboard and want to renovate your bedroom?

At VAMA Sofas, we can make custom upholstered headboards, following all the specifications provided by the customer!

Headboard dimensions

To begin with, we need to figure out what size you need:

  • Double bed headboard ranging from 160 cm to 200 cm in width
  • 140 cm wide French bed headboard
  • 120 cm wide single bed headboard
  • 80 to 100 cm single bed headboard

Here is an example of an upholstered headboard in the double size:

Black leather quilted modern headboard bed with buttons – Barcelona model

Our craftsmen have 30 years of experience in upholstery. Don’t be afraid to ask us for a custom headboard!

In this second photo we present a capitonné headboard:

French headboard bed with capitonné work in genuine black leather – Curve model

Removability is a must when we talk about fabric upholstery. Here is an example of a removable headboard:

Classic double bed headboard in removable fabric – Giulia model

Another example in a more modern and simple version:

Modern upholstered double bed backboard – Simple model

If you have a room with a modern design, you might be interested in our Luisa model:

White quilted leather headboard bed with upholstered frame – Luisa model

Upholstery for upholstered headboards

Our selection of fabrics, genuine leather, and high-quality faux leather offers a wide range of exquisite options to perfectly complement your interior design. Below you can see a headboard made of pink microfiber:

Fully removable square simple headboard bed, French size – Simple model

Each type of coating has its own specific color range. A fabric headboard bed ranges from cotton to linen through microfiber, with a wide variety of colors and patterns. These materials are suitable for removable upholstered headboards, where the cover can be removed so that it can be machine washed without any problem.

Instead, below you will find a series of capitonné bed backs that are not removable, so we recommend choosing washable materials such as genuine leather or faux leather:

Classic white leather bed back – Agnese model

Even the simplest headboards can be made of faux leather:

Faux leather headboard double bed size 140 cm – Irene model

Upholstered headboard details

The most popular requests for custom headboards from our customers  include the capitonné and shabby chic styles Here are some particular bed headboards we have made:

High headboard bed in capitonné – Geneva model

Capitonné, which has come back very much in fashion in recent years, features a special craftsmanship formed by applied pleats on the upholstery and buttons, which is very elegant and high quality. This type of workmanship is used a lot on classic Chesterfield-style sofas, and the next photo we show you very much echoes that type of design.

Classic style Chesterfield headboard bed with capitonné work – Leichester model

Another popular type is the shabby chic headboard, which is mostly used in bedrooms where fancy colors and retro style are the stars. This type of style is usually applied where the wall and headboard bed are contrasting in color.

Headboard bed in shabby chic style – Layka model

After shabby shic we return to a more contemporary style with the Eva model:

Modern leather bed back  – Eva model

Buy bed headboards online

With this page we think we have explained many features to help you buy a headboard bed online easily and effectively. However, if you need more information, quotes or customized requests, please feel free to contact us!

Pink velvet bed back with Swarovski buttons, size one square – Agnese model

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