English “original” Chesterfield sofas: Truths and myths to dispel

What if we were to tell you that the ‘original’ English Chesterfield sofa doesn’t actually exist? Let’s uncover the truth together…

Table of Contents:
  1. The Confusion Between “Original” and “English”
  2. Chesterfield: a Type of Sofa, not a Brand
  3. The Truth about Chesterfields Internationally
  4. Conclusions, Authenticity and Provenance.
  5. Frequently asked questions about original English Chesterfield sofas

When one thinks of an original Chesterfield sofa, it is easy to imagineEngland, with its classic and elegant furnishings. Original is not synonymous with English when we talk about Chesterfield sofas, nor is it synonymous with quality. Take, for example, an original Frau made in Italy Chesterfield sofa: it is certainly a high-quality, original, but not English product, so we thought we would shed some light on it.

English original Chesterfield sofa

The Confusion Between “Original” and “English”

Many people rely on buying used “original” English sofas, believing they are getting a bargain. In reality they are simply buying a worn-out sofa with no value. If you bought a used Ferrari, you would see the value of your investment increase over time. Why does this happen? You are not buying an “original” Italian car, but an “original” Ferrari. An “original” Italian car could be an Alfa Romeo, a Maserati, a Fiat, etc. So when we talk about original Chesterfield sofas, we are not really referring to anything concrete. The adjective “original” should always be paired with a brand or trademark that ascertains its quality and history.

Chesterfield: a Type of Sofa, not a Brand

Many people think“Chesterfield” is a brand name, when in fact it only refers to the design of a sofa. We are not necessarily buying a superior product just because it bears the name “Chesterfield.”

Remember,“Chesterfield” is a type of sofa, not a brand.

Here is a table that clearly illustrates how the term “original” can be applied to products from different sectors. As you can see, simply talking about an “original” English Chesterfield sofa means nothing. Originality goes beyond mere origin, being truly defined by the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and detailed attention to every piece. Below is a table that showcases how ‘originality’ is attributed across different sectors, emphasizing the unique characteristics that define a product’s authenticity and value:

sofaChesterfieldItalianFrau (Producer)LineBrand mark embossed on the skin
sofaChesterfieldItalianVAMA (Manufacturer)RomeSilver plaque with engraved logo and progressive number
autoSUVItalianFerrari (Manufacturer)ThoroughbredCorporate coat of arms of the prancing horse
autoSUVGermanAudi (Manufacturer)Q8Corporate branding of the four chained rings
bagshoulderItalianGucci (Manufacturer)Jackie 1961Double G logo with leather nameplate and ID code inside
bagshoulderItalianBorbonese (Manufacturer)CortinaCompany logo lettering and internal label with production batch number
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Claiming the originality of a product has real meaning only when there is a brand name and a recognized manufacturer. Without the backing of a brand, the term “original” is misleading and devoid of concrete value.

The Truth about Chesterfields Internationally

Before coming to conclusions, let us look at some statements taken directly from a British manufacturer that confirm our thesis:

Retrieved from: www.chesterfield.com/the-original-chesterfield

“Is Chesterfield a brand? No, Chesterfield is a particular style of furniture and not a brand.”
(“Is Chesterfield a brand? No, Chesterfield is a particular style of furniture and not a brand.”)

“Does an original Chesterfield furniture have to come from England? No. The story that only an English Chesterfield of good quality is a fable that was invented many years ago.”
(“Does an original Chesterfield piece of furniture have to come from England? No. The story that only an English Chesterfield is of good quality is a fairy tale that was invented many years ago.”)

“High-quality Chesterfields no longer come exclusively from England. The country of origin now says nothing about the quality provided.”
(“High-quality Chesterfields no longer come exclusively from England. The country of origin now says nothing about the quality provided.”)

The statements of this British manufacturer are in line with our vision and the reality of the facts.

authentic English Chesterfield sofa

Conclusions, Authenticity and Provenance.

The use of the adjective “original” in association with “English” in the context of a Chesterfield sofa is misleading and misplaced. As mentioned, there is no such thing as an “original” English Chesterfield sofa without knowing the manufacturer’s brand name.

It is also important to note that there is no such thing as an “authentic” Chesterfield sofa in the sense that a single manufacturer holds a patent on the design. Some companies issue certificates of authenticity just because the Chesterfield sofa is imported directly from England, but this is a marketing gimmick rather than a reliable indicator of quality. Don’t be misled by the myth of authenticity.

We at VAMA decided to write this article to provide clarity and to answer our customers’ recurring questions about the supposed originality or British provenance of our sofas. We would like to emphasize that we are not only committed to producing high-quality Chesterfield sofas, made with the Italian craftsmanship of our artisans, but we go even further. Each Chesterfield sofa comes with a silver plaque certifying its originality. We are not talking about an “Italian original,” but a VAMA original. “ This seal represents our commitment to creating unique, high-quality pieces that are recognized internationally for their excellence.

Do not fall into the trap of provenance to judge quality. Don’t be fooled by an adjective. Quality has no nationality.

To learn more about what makes our Chesterfield sofas high-end, visit our dedicated page: https://vamadivani.com/why-choose-a-vama-chesterfield-sofa/

Discover why VAMA Chesterfield sofas are the right choice for those seeking quality, comfort and elegance. Watch the video made inside our factory as we produce a Chesterfield sofa:

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Other questions we are asked by our customers:

Quanto costa un divano originale Chesterfield?

Senza conoscere il produttore specifico, è difficile determinare un prezzo. Ricorda che ‘Chesterfield’ è uno stile, non un marchio, quindi ogni azienda avrà la sua versione con qualità e caratteristiche differenti.

Come si riconosce un vero divano Chesterfield?

Un ‘vero’ Chesterfield si riconosce dal suo design classico, dalla lavorazione capitonné con bottoni e dalla qualità dei materiali e della lavorazione, non dalla provenienza.

Che differenza c’è tra un divano Chesterfield originale inglese e uno italiano?

La differenza non risiede nella provenienza, ma nella qualità della manifattura e dei materiali usati. ‘Chesterfield’ è uno stile di divano, non un marchio o una nazionalità. Quindi, sia in Inghilterra che in Italia, potrebbero esserci divani Chesterfield di alta o bassa qualità.

Perché alcuni divani Chesterfield sono più costosi di altri?

Il prezzo di un divano Chesterfield può variare a seconda di vari fattori, tra cui la qualità dei materiali utilizzati, la maestria nella lavorazione, e il brand del produttore. Non è necessariamente legato alla sua “originalità” o provenienza.

Un divano Chesterfield “originale” è automaticamente di alta qualità?

No, l’aggettivo “originale” non è garanzia di alta qualità. La qualità di un divano Chesterfield dipende da vari fattori, tra cui i materiali utilizzati, la maestria nella lavorazione, e l’attenzione ai dettagli.

Posso fidarmi dei certificati di autenticità forniti da alcuni rivenditori di divani Chesterfield?

Alcuni rivenditori potrebbero utilizzarli più come uno strumento di marketing che come una garanzia affidabile di qualità. E’ importante fare una ricerca approfondita e considerare vari fattori, come per esempio la reputazione del produttore.

Original English Chesterfield sofas? No, these are original VAMA