Why choose a VAMA Chesterfield sofa?

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If you haven’t already, we recommend you watch the video to better understand how a quality chesterfield sofa is made.

The high quality of VAMA Chesterfield sofas summarized in 8 points:

How to recognize an original VAMA chesterfield sofa

Silver nameplate VAMA Chesterfield sofas
VAMA silver plate

To ensure the high quality craftsmanship of our Chesterfield sofa, each piece is signed with a 925 sterling silver plaque embossed with our logo and a sequential number to authenticate its authenticity. This way you will receive our original chesterfield sofa in your home recognizing it at a glance.

This is how we accomplish it!

The stem of the chesterfield sofa

High quality solid wood Chesterfield sofa drums
High quality solid wood Chesterfield sofa drums

The stem is the inner framework of the sofa and must be made from the best woods to give our sofa longevity. We use solid fir and beech wood throughout the structure, which gives the skeleton high strength and the right amount of elasticity.

Our carpenters are NOT familiar with bad woods or wood agglomerates. The solid wood shaft is the first and most important asset from which a VAMA craftsman starts to make a workmanlike chesterfield sofa.


Hand-tied biconical sofa spring support
Biconical springs hand-tied by skilled craftsmen

Suspension is used to support the seat cushions. In the standard Chesterfield sofa, we use high-strength elastic straps that keep the seat flexible and comfortable. We have been using these state-of-the-art belts for many years now, and the result in strength and durability is excellent.

Upon request, we make the suspension “made as it used to be,” with steel biconical springs and jute straps, all hand-tied as the old craftsmen did in the 1800s. The chesterfield sofas that made history were all with spring suspensions (because elastic straps did not yet exist).

The padding

Chesterfield sofa upholstery
VAMA craftsman at work

Let us clarify the terms used, as many times we are asked the difference between polyurethane foam and foam rubber. Foam, polyurethane foam or foam resin are the exact same product, so there is no difference between these terms. Again, the quality of materials makes a difference.

All fillings are made using the differentiated density foam resins chosen from the best on the market. The non-deformability of these fillings is the feature that is noticeable over time, which is why we have chosen to source from the best resin manufacturers.

The polyurethane foam used for the capitonné work has a higher density than the foam used for the seat cushions. This gives long-lasting strength and increased seating comfort.

The skin

Removable leather in Chesterfield sofas.
Skin removal stage

There is no doubt that the choice of leather always requires the utmost care, as the market offers so many different types and qualities.

Whenever we receive an order, we go to our trusted tanneries to select the best leathers suitable for making the Chesterfield sofa. Once selected at the tannery, the hides pass to the cutting bench where they receive further quality control.

View our upholstery catalog and select the desired leather to discover all the features and high quality we offer

Capitonné workmanship

Capitonné workmanship Chesterfield sofas
VAMA craftsman making the capitonné workmanship

Capitonné work requires a mastery that is only acquired with time, thanks to the advice passed down by artisans from generation to generation.

Good capitonné workmanship must be given the utmost care; the same goes for the front folds of the armrest, worked evenly and linearly.

Finding capitonné workmanship done to perfection is not easy, and it is even more difficult to find a carefully crafted armrest like that of the Chesterfield sofa in the VAMA collection.

If you would like more information follow the link for an in-depth look at capitonné work.

Our craftsmen devote the utmost attention to each individual sofa, and once it is finished and ready for shipment, they do a final check so that everything is flawless.

“We at VAMA Sofas are proud to be part of Italian craftsmanship (the real thing).”

Chesterfield sofa factory

Buying a VAMA chesterfield means buying directly from the manufacturer a sofa made in Italy with excellent value for money.

Buying from the factory also means customizing it in every detail to help you achieve the perfect chester to match your decor.

Chesterfield sofa factory
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Chesterfield sofa reviews and opinions

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