Capitonné: Timelessly Elegant Upholstery

Capitonné is among the most exquisite and captivating decorative techniques in furniture design, an embellishment that VAMA Divani’s artisans always execute with unmatched skill and meticulous attention to the smallest details.

Leather Capitonné

Such striking workmanship can boast a truly ancient history: according to some, the earliest capitonné-type embellishments were made in the 1800s, however, the creation of beautiful Chesterfield sofa designs in earlier centuries suggests that it has an even earlier origin.

Capitonné, in fact, is the most unmistakable distinguishing feature of the timeless Chesterfield sofa, an undisputed icon of classic furniture that still corresponds to one of the most beloved models among fans of traditional furniture; in this beautiful leather sofa, in fact, the capitonné work entirely covers the back and arms.

The Chesterfield sofa, however, is certainly not the only piece of furniture on which capitonné can be found: in fact, this craftsmanship can embellish double beds, especially their headboards, ottomans, armchairs, dormeuses and many other pieces of furniture.

Capitonné requires great manual skill, as well as very meticulous and painstaking work; it is virtually impossible to imagine making capitonné to perfection by undertaking alternative methods of making it other than by hand.

But what, then, does capitonné consist of?

Capitonné work is an embellishment that makes the surface of the furniture, whether it is a sofa, an armchair or more, pleasantly undulating, enhancing the softness of the upholstery and, above all, recreating a beautiful eye-catching look.

The Craftsmen's Capitonné Workmanship
Fully capitonné pouf in workmanship

Through the use of a “checker,” a technical tool used by artisans to make capitonné, a series of buttons are applied to the upholstery in an equidistant manner, recreating a series of cushions juxtaposed to each other in a “mesh” arrangement.

The checkers with which the capitonné is made can be square or rhomboidal; the aesthetic effect, in any case, is very similar.

In the vast majority of cases, buttons of the same color as the upholstery are applied ; those who wish to achieve different aesthetic effects than the more classic ones, however, can also choose special buttons, such as the beautiful “Swarowski buttons.”

Capitonné requires truly the highest degree of craftsmanship, and VAMA Divani makes this embellishment according to the most traditional as well as the most elaborate approach.

The creation of a capitonné has always been, for the craftsmen of VAMA Divani, a real “wedding invitation”: indeed, it is in such detailed workmanship that the craftsman’s manual skill and experience emerge.

VAMA Divani invites you to watch the videos it has made to illustrate, step by step, how a capitonné is made within its workshops: precision and accuracy are essential, but the end result, as you can see, is truly excellent!

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