Equestra Armchair

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Horse saddle-shaped armchair with riding stirrups on the armrests.

The 124th edition of Fiera Cavalli, an exhibition fair dedicated to horses and riding, was held at Verona Fiere 2022.

Thanks to the collaboration with Gessica Notaro, a well-known showgirl from Rimini, we exhibited a new model of armchair designed especially for the event at the fair as a national preview. At the Goldspan booth, a leading manufacturer of bedding designed specifically for the welfare of horses, present at the fair in Hall 7 (Interview Lounge), it was possible to view live this jewel of Italian craftsmanship produced entirely in our factory in Tuscany.

In creating this chair, we used the best raw materials on the market and employed our most capable and experienced prototypists to achieve a flawless end result.

Solid wood frame of the Equestra AURUM armchair

The frame of this armchair is completely made of solid beech wood from local lumberyards, carefully cut and assembled by our carpenters to give the armchair a curvilinear shape that closely resembles the shape of a saddle. This mighty structure is guaranteed for life by our company and allows the chair not to be ruined over time.

A long and dedicated selection of the various densities of OLMO padding, a leading industry in the production of flexible polyurethane foam, enabled us to achieve an absolute level of comfort despite the particular shape of this armchair.

Riding brackets applied to the armrest of the Equestra chair

To fully evoke the style that distinguishes the equestrian world, we turned to our trusted tannery to create together and exclusively, a fine leather with a country ranch hue that gives the chair elegance at first glance and certainty of high quality to the touch.
A warm color with hints of brown with a slight vintage effect, glossy to the eye and smooth to the touch, are the perfect combination that give this armchair preciosity and value.

Equestra armchair with riding stirrups

Carefully designed stitching to enhance the upholstery’s value is not the first detail that is noticed at first glance. Anchored to leather flaps placed so as to wrap around the armrests of the armchair, polished metal brackets stand out, which can be substituted for those provided by the end customer upon request, so as to have a unique piece with a distinctly personal detail.

Equestra vintage leather armchair seen from behind

Therefore, not only a valuable piece of furniture, but also a comfortable and unique armchair.

Equestra Armchair Measurements:

  • Width: 75 cm
  • Depth: 105 cm
  • Height: 90 cm
  • Seating width: 55 cm
  • Seating depth: 55 cm
  • Seat height: 45 cm

Aurum: a collection handmade with passion.

There is always a dream to be realized, which sooner or later surfaces in the hands. Aurum is one of them: a small craftsman, a patient gentleman who for years has made custom designs by listening to the needs of his clients, choosing leathers carefully, cutting and bending with expert hands.
His dream was to make a furniture line designed by his creativity. Valuable, unique, containing all the knowledge accumulated over the years.

His dream came to life when illustrious fashion personalities and design artists, enthusiasts and fanatics, always on the lookout for fine pieces of furniture, began to enter his upholstery shop.

Thanks to these collaborations, his workshop has now turned into a modern design laboratory whose goal is to spread Italian creativity around the world. This is how the Aurum collection was born.

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