Chesterfield Sofa 2020

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British history meets Italian design.

Precious personality

The Chesterfield 2020 sofa is a leather sofa with a luxurious construction: made entirely by hand by experienced craftsmen, it is distinguished by its choice of excellent materials, compact lines, precious capitonné work and metal inserts.

Luxury living room with Chesterfield 2020 Aurum sofas

The Italian heart

Every detail of the Chesterfield 2020 sofa is made in Italy: from the wood frame to the capitonné work, from the metal inserts to the feet, everything is crafted by local artisans whose valuable knowledge is passed down from father to son. The quality of raw materials and attention to every construction detail make it a masterpiece of made-in-Italy craftsmanship.

Metal fronts

One of the special features of the Chesterfield 2020 sofa is the metal insert on the armrests.

The various finishes offered have been matched with specific colors of leather by experienced designers in the industry to create a sofa that expresses your character and personality.

The laser-engraved logo is an elegant and discreet hallmark.

PINK GOLD: Handcrafted. suits warm leather tones.

GOLD: Rich, deep in color, intense in hue.

SILVER: Shimmering flashes of light and metropolitan tones define the chrome electroplating.

Excellence and craftsmanship

AURUM leather logoFor a valuable project, we chose only the best: the leather used for the Chesterfield 2020 sofa is carefully selected by experienced craftsmen. The same people who have been passing on their knowledge to their children for years to give life to projects that will last from one generation to the next. Like the capitonné work: complex and precious, it is done only by hand and following a strict technique, which ensures a soft, aesthetically perfect, luxurious result.

Surprisingly stylish, the leather selected for this model has a soft, plush touch that offers an original feeling of comfort and a contemporary look.

Three colors are available, carefully chosen for each metal element offered:

Romantic: A warm light shade tending toward milky white combined with the delicate reddish pink shade.

Sensual: Coloration between sand and hazelnut combined with the deep, shimmering yellow of the most precious metal.

Elegant: Distinct contrast between a dark anthracite black and the brilliance of chrome plating.

Handcrafted feet

God is in the details: 2020 is a luxurious chesterfield sofa, down to the smallest detail. We made hand-inlaid wooden feet with a spherical shape and a pickled finish. The coloring is matched to that of the leather for an extremely neat finishing touch.

Chesterfield 2020 sofa measurements:

Chesterfield Armchair 2020

2020 Chesterfield Armchair Aurum

Width: 110 cm
Height: 70 cm
Depth: 85 cm
Seat width: 53 cm
Seat height: 46 cm
Seating depth: 53 cm

2020 Chesterfield two-seater sofa

Chesterfield 2020 Aurum two-seater sofa

Width: 165 cm
Height: 70 cm
Depth: 85 cm
Seating width: 106 cm
Seat height: 46 cm
Seating depth: 53 cm

2020 Chesterfield three-seater sofa

Chesterfield 2020 Aurum three-seater sofa

Width: 220 cm
Height: 70 cm
Depth: 85 cm
Seat width: 159 cm
Seat height: 46 cm
Seating depth: 53 cm

Technical characteristics of the Chesterfield 2020

Supporting structure: seasoned beech.
Seat support: Hand-tied steel biconical springs attached to jute straps.
Seat padding: goose down and polyurethane foam.

Aurum: a collection handmade with passion.

There is always a dream to be realized, which sooner or later surfaces in the hands. Aurum is one of them: a small craftsman, a patient gentleman who for years has made custom designs by listening to the needs of his clients, choosing leathers carefully, cutting and bending with expert hands.
His dream was to make a furniture line designed by his creativity. Valuable, unique, containing all the knowledge accumulated over the years.

His dream came to life when illustrious fashion personalities and design artists, enthusiasts and fanatics, always on the lookout for fine pieces of furniture, began to enter his upholstery shop.

Thanks to these collaborations, his workshop has now turned into a modern design laboratory whose goal is to spread Italian creativity around the world. This is how the Aurum collection was born.

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