ChesterLux Armchair

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Luxury reading armchair with flexible lamp.

Elegant Design

Discover the timeless elegance of ChesterLux, a refined capitonné armchair that elevates the Chesterfield design tradition with the highest quality details and materials. The upholstery is made of fine hot-printed leather with a cashmere pattern, a detail that adds a touch of sophistication and can be lightly felt.

Capitonné leather work and Casentino cloth seat

High Quality Materials

The armrest fronts and seat are made of Casentino cloth, an Italian fabric rich in history and tradition, known for its durability and softness. For maximum comfort, theseat padding is made of goose down with a polyurethane core, which provides adequate support and a cozy feel. Contrasting details on the edges, made of leather, finish the chair’s sophisticated aesthetic.

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Polished brass dimmable led reading lamp

Flexible and Functional Lamp

The real star of the ChesterLux chair, however, is its lamp. Anchored to the base via a flexible brass arm, the LED lamp provides a warm and welcoming light, ideal for reading. Dimmable and powered by a rechargeable battery hidden inside the chair, it fits your needs perfectly. In addition, the base of the lamp features a USB port, allowing you to charge your device while you relax.

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Polished brass lamp base with USB port

Details of Elegance

The chair’s turned feet add an extra touch of elegance. With its classy aesthetic and functionality designed for book lovers, ChesterLux represents the pinnacle of VAMA’s craftsmanship tradition.

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Turned wooden foot ChesterLux armchair

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ChesterLux luxury reading armchair

ChesterLux armchair size:

  • Width: 110 cm
  • Height: 73 cm
  • Depth: 85 cm
  • Seating width: 54 cm
  • Seat height: 46 cm
  • Seating depth: 54 cm
  • Foot height: 9 cm

Aurum: a collection handmade with passion.

There is always a dream to be realized, which sooner or later surfaces in the hands. Aurum is one of them: a small craftsman, a patient gentleman who for years has made custom designs by listening to the needs of his clients, choosing leathers carefully, cutting and bending with expert hands.
His dream was to make a furniture line designed by his creativity. Valuable, unique, containing all the knowledge accumulated over the years.

His dream came to life when illustrious fashion personalities and design artists, enthusiasts and fanatics, always on the lookout for fine pieces of furniture, began to enter his upholstery shop.

Thanks to these collaborations, his workshop has now turned into a modern design laboratory whose goal is to spread Italian creativity around the world. This is how the Aurum collection was born.

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